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Salena Filichia

TMBTP: Salena Filichia: Blink Photograph

TMBTP: Salena Filichia: Blink Photograph

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Original photography by Salena Filichia. 

Photograph is on archival photo paper sized 9" x 7.5" in mat and frame sized 13" x 15.25". Shipping and local pick-up available.

Salena Filichia Statement for This Must Be The Place: 

"Birds are some of our last reminders of a time before human interference. They are fast, little sky lizards. It's not always easy to capture some birds sitting still enough to fully observe. I like to try to pause them in time to document what wonderful creatures they really are before we have to realize a time without them."

You can follow her on instagram at salena.filichia

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