Website, Shipping & General FAQ

When are you open?


Currently we are open Thursdays through Saturdays 12-8pm and Sundays 12-7pm. We will update social media when we must be closed or close early, and if the hours do change in the future we will make an announcement. 


Where are you located?


In the heart of Shelby park! 1262 & 1264 S. Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40203.


When are your shows?


We announce every show on our social media and website under Upcoming and Current Exhibitions. Our openings are always on Saturdays from 6-10pm and will be announced approximately one month in advance. 


When are your classes?


We post our classes on social media and the tickets are only available to purchase through our website. Never purchase a ticket from anywhere other than our official website, as unfortunately there are a lot of scam artists selling tickets to events on social media. 


Do you offer refunds?


We do not offer refunds. The primary reason for this is we pay the artists out for their commission of their sold work. Nothing is wholesale, therefore we would experience a substantial loss were we to allow refunds. Exchanges may be discussed depending on the situation and date of purchase. E-mail us at for questions regarding this. 




I purchased artwork off of your website, when will it ship?


We prepare items to ship during our open hours Thursdays-Sundays. Once it has shipped a tracking number will be sent to your through our point of sale platform. 


An item broke during shipment, what do I do?


If it was an obvious negligence on the part of the shipping carrier, photograph the box and the item as thoroughly as possible and put in a claim with the carrier. Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or concerns regarding your shipment. 


Do you insure what you ship?


We absolutely do, and we guarantee to package the artwork in an appropriate manner.  


I want to purchase an item I saw on your social media, but don’t see it listed on your website, what can I do?


E-mail us at with an image of the artwork you are wanting to purchase. You may also use the search function on the website if you know the artist name or title of the piece. For large group shows sometimes it is difficult to list every item in a timely manner on the website. In such case please e-mail us if you see artwork you would like to purchase that is not listed on the website. 


What shipping carriers do you use?


Primarily USPS and UPS unless requested otherwise. E-mail us at for specialty shipping requests.