Artist FAQ


How do I become an Aurora boutique artist?


E-mail with a portfolio of your work, your contact information, social media and/or website and the owners of Aurora gallery will review your work and promptly respond to your request after discussing among all owners of the gallery. 


My artwork was accepted, what's next?

In the e-mail correspondence there should be specific instructions for drop off as well as links to our contract, contact information form, and an invitation to our online vendor portal where you can see your sales.


My artwork was declined, why?


If your work is declined for the boutique or the gallery this could be for a multitude of reasons. 


The most common reason is that we already have ninety plus vendors, and sometimes we are over encumbered with artwork. We have very limited storage space at our gallery, and we cannot always take in new artwork, particularly if it is larger in size. 


Aurora strives to exhibit artwork from artists of all backgrounds, however sometimes the work submitted may not be a good fit for the space. This could be due to content and subject matter, sizing, or wall/table availability at the time of submission. 


It is important to note that Aurora Gallery reserves the right to decline any artwork for any reason. 


If I receive a rejection may I submit again in the future? 


Absolutely. We encourage all artists who may receive a rejection to continue their artistic and creative pursuits, and e-mail us again. It’s impossible to know what our space is capable of holding in the future or if the work has evolved over time it can be reconsidered. 


What is the percentage you offer Aurora artists?


We offer 65% of sales to the artist, the gallery keeps 35%. 


We are an artist run gallery for artists, and we believe in giving the artist the majority of the percentage for the works they have created. 


When do you pay artists out for their commission?


Between the 20th-25th of every month for the month previous. Meaning, you would be paid out for May in June, and so on and so forth. The way you are paid is determined by how you answer the questions in your contact form and the information you have provided to us.


I want to have a gallery show at Aurora, how do I submit?


We are currently completely booked for shows for 2024 and are booking in 2025. To submit a proposal send 5-10 images of your work, and a written proposal, and artist statement. We offer pop ups that can last one night, one week or two weeks depending on availability. We also offer solo exhibitions, and duo or trio, and small group exhibitions. In the case of multiple artists we request that you all submit images of your work and a cohesive statement and proposal for your exhibition. 


In the occasion we have many submissions and want to exhibit multiple artists we may offer you a duo show with another artist whose work will compliment yours. In this case you would split our 50 foot wall in half essentially, 25 feet each, and you would be able to have your own show titles, poster images and statements. For examples of this you may view Inside Show/Big Feelings by Kara Renee and Ember Crow. 


When is your next open submission group show? 


Follow us on social media! We regularly post our new shows and will list if they are open submission shows. We once again reserve the right to decline artwork for any of the reasons stated above. We also have a private Facebook group for Aurora artists. You may e-mail us at to apply for admission to the group. 


When can I drop off artwork for a group show or for the boutique?


For group show submissions you may drop off any day we are open, Thursday-Saturday 12-8pm and Sundays 12-7pm. 


For boutique submissions we request you drop off with our inventory coordinator and co-owner Mia. She can accept submissions Fridays 12-5pm, Saturdays 12-8pm, and she is happy to have availability on other days by appointment. E-mail to setup an appointment with Mia. 


How do I submit to teach a class?


E-mail us at Classes are typically held on Sundays from either 12 to 2pm starting. Class length depends on what you are teaching. Send a full proposal with images as well as a background of your teaching experience when reaching out to us for a teaching opportunity. 


I’m an Aurora artist but I don’t see my work on the website, why?


We have over 90 vendors, and we do our best to photograph, measure, and provide descriptions for our items so that they may be sold off of our website. Aurora is mostly a labor of love, and requires a significant amount of energy and time to list every item we sell on the website. One way to expedite this process would be to send us photographs of the work you’ve submitted to the boutique, along with dimensions for each piece. With this information we could automatically add your items to the website once we put it into our point of sale system. 


Also, some items are not suitable for shipping, and therefore may not be placed on the website. For instance one of the owners makes large, beautiful terrariums. They are so fragile that they would not make it during the shipping process and would most certainly be broken upon arrival. In this case we choose not to list them on the website so they are not accidentally purchased, forcing the gallery to issue a refund as the item cannot be shipped. Particularly fragile items may not end up on the website for this reason stated above.