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Rachael Banks

TMBTP: Rachael Banks: Untitled (Red frame portrait of a woman)

TMBTP: Rachael Banks: Untitled (Red frame portrait of a woman)

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Archival pigment print photograph sized 9.25" x 12.5" in red metal frame.

Rachael Banks Statement for This Must Be The Place: 

"The Trail of the Dead" is a visual anthology of life and death within the central region of Kentucky. My family and a herd of whitetail deer intertwine storylines with shared experiences of trauma and the landscape we understand as home. I am interested in intergenerational trauma within my family and how instances of loss, addiction, and criminal behavior repeat throughout the history of my life. This observation has manifested into a curious anxiety over the fate of the lives of the next generation of my family. Like the people in my life, the living have come and gone, some too soon. But I am always watching, and no one dies out of sight. We are all flawed creatures who are trying to survive. I have come to accept that every person I love has done something to make someone else hate them, and I am no different. "The Trail of the Dead" carries many lessons on nature's cruelty and beauty. Yet, we carry on for those who have yet to come.

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