Echoes of Endings Artist Submission Guidelines

“Echoes of Endings” group art show will explore themes of grief, death, and separation. This is an open call art show. Though many works of art will focus on literal death, we want to encourage artists to explore concepts outside of that. It is possible to grieve all sorts of issues or concepts beyond literal death. Sometimes our bodies or selves change and we grieve our former selves, we go through breakups or divorces, or in recovery from substance abuse we grieve the loss of our maladaptive coping mechanisms. We encourage you to explore any and all aspects of grieving, and express yourself fully and earnestly. Lastly, feel free to also see this as an opportunity to celebrate those that you have had to say goodbye to. Not every work must be sad in nature, it can be a celebration as well. 



The number one question we get is, how do I apply to this show? 

There's no application process! 

"There's no application process?!"

Yes, for real! Just follow the directions below and bring your piece in before the deadline!

"Surely, they must want to see it first!"

Nope! We believe in you! Just bring it to the gallery! At that point we will have you fill out a printed form with all the info we need, and you're in the show!

That is as long as you follow ALL THE SPECIFICATIONS BELOW!!! Please please read. We reserve the right to decline your piece if you do not follow the directions!

- You MAY submit more than one piece. We ask the multiple/total SPACE you occupy be 3 square feet MAX. (Meaning the space you get to occupy is 3 square feet. That's it. No more than that. We want to make room for everyone!)


- Only ONE not for sale piece will be allowed. If you have a not for sale piece, you MUST turn in at least ONE piece that IS for sale. Due to the serious nature of the show we understand you may not want to sell every piece you submit. Aurora is a labor of love and we have to make sales in order to be able to be open to the community. 


- Any medium is welcome, though we do ask it be an original piece of art. 


- MUST be ready to hang/display. If you require special hanging mechanisms or a unique setup we require you to let us know this in advance so we may prepare/discuss. Please let us know if your piece will need a table, shelf or pedestal.


- Deadline is end of day Sunday May 5th. We are open 12-7pm on Sundays. We are open Thursday-Saturday 12-8pm. This is Derby weekend, so please plan accordingly. You must drop off at Aurora Gallery and Boutique, 1264 S. Shelby Street Louisville, KY 40203. 


- If you need to mail your piece you may do so, but the shipping address will NOT be the same. E-mail us at Please do NOT ship to the gallery address. 


- You do not need to email us the work you are submitting beforehand because this is an open call submission show. However if you do not read and follow the specifications listed above we reserve the right to decline your piece if it does not fit the size parameters, or is ready to hang, and so on and so forth. So please, please read the instructions carefully!!!


Thank you we are so looking forward to this show!